PTLL interior, child stands at play table, looking down at play food, plates, and cups
PTLL interior, reading and puzzle area with large chairs, small table/chairs, rack/shelf of books
PTLL interior, toddler in crawling position looks through slats in wooden climber

Join Us

New or renewing members can now choose to join as volunteer members or lending members!


All members can borrow toys from our extensive lending collection during contact-less lending hours.

Volunteer memberships are currently $50 for one year.

Volunteer members may now reserve in-person play slots after completing a brief training session. Currently, playtimes are limited due to COVID-19 safety guidelines. In the future, volunteer members will have access to regular member playtimes without making a reservation.

Once we reopen to the public, volunteer members will be required to complete at least one 2-hour volunteer shift per month. When this will begin is to be determined, but volunteers will receive additional training before being scheduled. (If volunteering simply won't work for your family, you'll also have the option to pay an additional $50 instead.)

Lending memberships are currently $30 for one year.

Lending members are not required to volunteer, but this membership does not include playing in the space.

Money should not be a barrier to membership.

We also offer a "pay what you can" option for all families for whom full-price membership would be a hardship. Enjoy a lending membership for any amount between $5 and $29 or a volunteer membership for any amount between $5 and $49 (volunteer requirement still applies). If any payment would be a hardship, please just check the appropriate box on our membership form to let us know.





Borrow up to 4 toys at a time

for up to 4 weeks!

Includes in-person play options!

Requires volunteer commitment: at least one 2-hour shift/month.


Shoot of child's hand placing tile while building a magnetic tile wall




Borrow up to 3 toys at a time

for up to 3 weeks!

Does not include any use of the play space.

No volunteer commitment.


All questions and concerns about membership should be directed to the Membership Coordinator by emailing