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Party Rental Policies/Procedures

Procedure for Party Rentals

  1. Email our Parties Coordinator to request a party booking @

  2. Our Party Coordinator will verify your membership status and confirm that your requested date is available. You will receive an email from the Party Coordinator within one week of submitting your request.

  3. Your must submit a payment for your deposit ($50.00 for members or $70.00 for non-members), via either check or PayPal, within seven days of the Party's Coordinator email, in order to hold your date.

  4. You will also be asked to sign and return a party rental agreement.

  5. Your final payment is due no later than two weeks prior to your party date.

  6. No later than three days before your party, the Party Coordinator will send you a Party Packet which includes a special door code that will allow you to access the building on the date of your party.

  7. You may schedule your event for your reserved date, at any time during the available hours.

  8. After your event, you will clean up the space according to the checklist included in your Party Packet.

Policies and Rules for Party Rentals

  • The person renting the space assumes full responsibility for their own behavior and the behavior of all guests.

  • A parent/guardian is expected to sign a Release of Responsibility for each child attending the party.

  • PTLL members may reserve a date up to six months in advance. Non-members may reserve a date up to three months in advance.

  • During your event, no PTLL representative will be present to answer questions or perform any services.

  • All guests, including children, must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer when entering the toy library.

  • Food must be consumed in the kitchen or eating area behind the front desk.

  • No alcohol of any kind is allowed.

  • No smoking or vaping is allowed indoors.

  • No pets are allowed in the toy library.

  • No latex/rubber balloons are allowed because they are a choking hazard. Foil/Mylar balloons are welcome.

  • You are expected to clean up the toy library so that it will be ready for the next group. This includes picking up toys, removing your decorations, and removing trash to the dumpster outside. Refer to the "After-Party Checklist" in your Party Packet for specifics.

  • Before you leave, make sure to turn off all lights and close any open windows. Lock the door and pull on the door handle to confirm that the lock has engaged.


Party Orientation Video

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