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Our Volunteer Members

Our volunteers make the PTLL work. These members commit to staffing our open play hours for either two or four hours every month. Volunteer members are trained to open and close the toy library, assist visitors, accept payment, check toys in and out, and other tasks.

The PTLL does not employ paid staff, so our volunteers are absolutely vital to our operations.


Volunteer members are the heart of this organization.

We celebrate our volunteers always. Each year, we have a special Volunteer Appreciation Month during which we raffle off some fantastic prizes (generously donated by local businesses and others in the community). In past years, we have held Volunteer Appreciation dinners and picnics for volunteer members and their families, with food, drinks, cake, activities, and lots of play.

Many of our volunteers go above and beyond standard duties. Some pitch in to help with projects, events, or other needs. Some frequently pick up extra shifts to make sure the PTLL stays open for play. Several of our members have stepped up since our play space's closure and helped us to staff lending-only hours and make sure that our lending toys are thoroughly cleaned/sanitized after being returned.

Volunteers who "go the extra mile" may be recognized as VOD of the month and receive a small gift as a token of our appreciation for all they do. Anyone can nominate a volunteer member who has done a great job; just use this form to make a nomination!

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