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Two children, looking down, playing with wooden trains and bridges
Child's hand playing with wooden dolls, shot through wooden dollhouse
Child on floor next to woven basket, reaching in and holding one magnetic tile

Play, Laugh, Learn

The Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library has been making play matter since 1974.

Play is one of the most fundamental and important parts of childhood, and we are dedicated to promoting it. Our play space provides a variety of different types of toys that allow young children to explore, problem-solve, and develop new skills. Playing near, alongside, and together with other children gives them an opportunity to cooperate, give or receive help, practice resolving conflicts, and learn by watching each other. Our lending library offers a variety of toys that children can bring home. These toys promote mental and physical development while encouraging imagination and creativity.

We hope that our spirit of play and cooperation fosters joy and comfort for the children, parents, caregivers, and families that visit us and join us.

Play matters here, play matters everywhere.

Why is play so important? It's how children learn, grow, and begin to understand the world.

Need ideas for keeping your kids occupied at home? Find ideas for kids of all ages!

Learn how to make the PTLL's homemade play dough, and find more arts & crafts ideas.

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