Child sits on floor and looks down at Magnetic Pattern Blocks that make a picture of a person
Outside on porch, child stands on Walkaroo balance stilts, looks down in concentration
Child leans over on rug at home, making a path for Botley the coding robot

Toy Lending

Since 1974, the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library has provided a collection of toys that families can borrow to use at home. Families return their borrowed toys, and children may choose another toy to take home.

The PTLL was not the first toy library in the United States, nor is it currently the only one, but places like the PTLL are rare. We are one of the oldest continuously operating toy libraries in the US, and we are pretty unique in having two separate toy collections: one for use in the space, and another just for borrowing.

Take a look at our toy catalog to see what we have to offer! You must be a member to borrow toys; Lending Only memberships are currently available for just $30 for one year. Before you borrow, please become familiar with our contact-free pick-up process so that we can all stay healthy!

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