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Child jumping on trampoline, looking at camera and smiling
Exterior shot of the toy library's original location
Still from a Mr. Rogers episode, in which Fred Rogers and two children play with a wooden dollhouse

About Us

Since 1974, the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library has been making play matter thanks to everyone who has served on our board of directors, shared their skills, volunteered in our space, joined us as a member, visited our play space, and/or supported us from within the community.


The PTLL exists for all of us, belongs to all of us, and thrives because of all of us. If you've visited us before, you know that the toy library is a unique celebration of early childhood. If you haven't visited us before, we hope to meet you soon!

Read our mission statement; learn about our vision and our values.

The PTLL has a long history in Pittsburgh. Read about how we started.

Meet our board of directors, learn about what we do, and find out how you can join us.

Our volunteer members are the heart of the PTLL. Find out what volunteering is like.

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