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PTLL interior, child stands at play table, looking down at play food, plates, and cups
PTLL interior, reading and puzzle area with large chairs, small table/chairs, rack/shelf of books
PTLL interior, toddler in crawling position looks through slats in wooden climber

Volunteer Membership

Volunteer Membership Form

Full-price volunteer membership is currently $50 for one year.

If this amount would be a hardship for you, "pay what you can" membership is also available. (Enter a payment amount of $5 to $49.)

Volunteer members are required to commit to volunteering for at least one 2-hour shift per month.

If you are able, you also have the option of paying more than $50. Opting to pay more means that you're supporting our mission and helping ensure that the PTLL can remain accessible for all families.

If you are unhappy with your membership for any reason, you may contact us at within 30 days of your payment to request a refund.

Would you like to update your membership information?
Would English support services be helpful to your family?
Are you interested in sharing your time to help keep the PTLL running? (Check all that apply.)


By becoming a member, you agree to follow all rules/guidelines.

  • You agree to treat borrowed toys with care

  • You agree (to the best of your ability) to return toys on time and without damage or missing pieces, and you understand that you may incur late fees or replacement fees for failure to do so

  • You agree to attend a short training session and to understand training materials before reserving an in-person play slot

  • You agree to volunteer for at least one 2-hour shift per month

  • You agree to fill one 2-hour shift during the PTLL Annual Clean-Up (typically held over the summer) or consider a monetary contribution to the Annual Clean-Up Fund


By submitting my application, I understand and agree that I, any children in my care (including but not limited to those listed above), and any other adult caregivers who may accompany those children will enter and use the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library (PTLL) at our own risk.

I waive any right I may have to sue or to make a claim against the PTLL (and its board of directors, volunteers, and other members) for any harm that may come to myself, any children in my care (including but not limited to those listed above), and any other adult caregivers who may accompany those children while at the PTLL or while using any toys borrowed from the PTLL.

I assume full responsibility and liability for any and all such harms, injuries, or damages, and I agree to indemnify the PTLL against the same.

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