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Liz discovered the PTLL when her family moved back to Pittsburgh in 2015 after living in the Midwest. She has three children and too many pets. In another life, Liz earned a BS in Interior Design from IUP and worked in appraisal management. Along with volunteering at the PTLL, she leads her son's Cub Scout Den and has previously worked with Family Readiness Groups, MOMS Club, and Little Apple Mommies. When she isn't going on adventures with her family she spends her time starting craft projects and forgetting to finish library books.  

Contact: ptll@pghtoys.org


Vice President

Contact: vp@pghtoys.org

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Lisa heard about the PTLL from her mom-in-law who during the first summer of the pandemic - desperate for entertainment and social interactions for her son Eddy. Lisa is originally from Berlin, Germany and fell in love with Pittsburgh and her husband during her semester abroad at Pitt. She has a M.A. in Strategic Marketing and works for the German American Chamber of Commerce as Event and Apprenticeship Director. In her free time Lisa loves to spend time with her family, throw dance parties with Baby Shark on repeat and then calm her nerves with yoga and boxing or a walk in one of the many beautiful parks around Pittsburgh.

Contact: info@pghtoys.org



Lyudmila "Mila" is originally from Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Mila holds an MA degree in Economics and currently works as an accountant for KinderCare. While in the USA, she had an opportunity to live in several cities from Boston to Seattle, but she thinks that Pittsburgh is an amazing place to live. She learned about PTLL from Pittsburgh Public Schools when her son started daycare.

She believes that play is how our children learn, grow, develop and PTLL is the best place for this. In her spare time, she connects with her family and friends, meets new people, gardens, cooks, and reads books.

Contact: treasurer@pghtoys.org


Current Board Members



Membership Coordinator

Alice is a stay at home mom to three kids and an Etna borough Councilperson.  She is a Pittsburgh transplant, originally from Maryland. 

She loves exploring the trails in and around Pittsburgh with her family, litter picking, kettle belling, reading, gardening and spending time outside. Her B.F.A in dance is put to use with frequent kitchen dance parties.

Contact: membership@pghtoys.org


Party Coordinator

Stephanie has a B.S. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a Masters in Child Psychology. She has been teaching in the Pittsburgh community for 18 years and just started a new position at The Ellis School. She enjoys introducing the city and all it offers to her daughter.

Contact: parties@pghtoys.org

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Lending Toy Coordinator

Tabitha is a native-born Pennsylvanian with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and a minor in Nutrition. She and her husband moved to Pittsburgh 8 years ago and worked at Carnegie Library before her first was born. Since then, she’s been home with her now three kids, ages 6, 5, and 3. She enjoys hiking, making art, singing, listening to podcasts, hanging out with friends, procrastinating housework, and bingeing on television shows.

Contact: lending@pghtoys.org


Marketing Coordinator

Chin Yen is the mother of two kids, three dogs, and a cat. She is originally from Malaysia and moved to Pittsburgh in 2011. She has a Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy and previously worked as a technology consultant. After having her own kids, she discovered her passion for promoting child development through play. She believes that all children should be given the gift of play and that families should be better supported to encourage play in children. When she is not busy with her family, she works on her own consulting business and spends her time exploring opportunities to leverage her technical skills to help non-profits and families with young children.

Contact: marketing@pghtoys.org

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Floor Toy Coordinator

Raneen is a mother to two kids ages 2 and 4. She is originally from Palestine and moved to Pittsburgh four years ago. PTLL was the first place she discovered when they moved to Pittsburgh and since then this is her kids favorite place. Raneen finished her master degree in social work and worked with several human rights NGOs. She loves music and has played piano for 10 years.

Contact: toys@pghtoys.org


Training Coordinator

Elizabeth Michael Ross discovered PTLL as a new mom during the (first) pandemic winter, when the ability to borrow a constant rotation of toys proved a lifeline.  She is pastor of a Protestant church in Oakland and finds her vocation in the intersection of spirituality and social justice.  She lives with her family of three in Lawrenceville; when there is free time, she loves to hike, read, and make a mess in the kitchen.  Elizabeth is new to Pittsburgh and is excited about helping PTLL be a place of welcome and community for newcomers.

Contact: training@pghtoys.org


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Scheduling Coordinator




Friends of the Board

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Art Coordinator 

Rachael joined the library after she discovered how supportive, diverse and stimulating the gathering space was for the Pittsburgh community and her family of 3.  Though this is her second incarnation of living in Pittsburgh, Rachael is currently a resident of the East side since 2010 when she returned to Pittsburgh to pursue her degree in occupational therapy. Her prior profession working in an after-school and summer parks and recreation program in Arizona lends her to gravitate toward managing the art room and offering some new activities to complement the PTLL's current offerings.  If she can venture out for herself, she enjoys riding her bike around town, doing yoga, hiking, enjoying local music, admiring public art and exploring new places in the region.

Contact: artroom@pghtoys.org

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IT Coordinator