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Get Involved

Get Involved During COVID-19

While our play space is closed, we still rely on our volunteers to help us make Lending Hours happen! We need members to staff these hours. We also need members to work shifts disinfecting returned toys before they are returned to circulation. Members who volunteer to help will receive brief training on the process, and new Lending Only members are encouraged to help with these shifts. Please get in touch with our Lending Coordinator by emailing!

Get Involved by Joining Us

Our volunteer members are essential to our operations. In normal times, these members work shifts as volunteers on duty (VODs) during our open hours. VODs keep the PTLL running by performing opening/closing duties, cleaning up, taking payments from visitors, answering questions, checking toys in/out, and more! We are not currently accepting new volunteer members while our space is closed, but we welcome new Lending Only members! Please join us as a Lending Only member now, help with lending hours if you can, and you may transfer your membership to a volunteer level when we reopen!

Get Involved with our Board of Directors

Our board of directors is composed of volunteer members who are willing and able to dedicate extra time to running the PTLL. If you are interested in joining, take a look at our current openings! We also have several Friend of the Board positions. These members help keep things running smoothly but do not require the time commitment of a full board position. Even if you are not able to join the board or become a Friend of the Board, we welcome all members to have their voice heard in this organization that belongs to us all. We encourage all members to attend board meetings, and we also encourage everyone to contact us with ideas, suggestions, or other feedback!

Get Involved by Sharing a Skill/Talent

We know that our members have many special skills, talents, and experience. If you are able to share these skills with the PTLL in a way that works for you, we are always appreciative. This could take the form of a new Friend of the Board position, help with a specific project, or long-term but sporadic assistance. If you have an idea, or a skill you'd like to contribute but aren't sure how, please get in touch!

Get Involved by Helping with Events

In normal times, the PTLL hosts and attends various events throughout the year. These allow us to reach out and connect with the larger community, as well as to fulfill our mission of providing enrichment activities to families that include young children. We are always looking for members who are willing and able to assist with these events. Find out more about our events, and let us know if you might be interested in helping!

Get Involved by Making a Donation

The PTLL is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all monetary donations are tax-deductible. For questions about donating, please contact our Treasurer by emailing You can use PayPal to donate to our general fund or to our toy fund. (Please contact our Treasurer for other ways to donate!)

Get Involved by Spreading the Word

The PTLL relies heavily on word-of-mouth as the primary way that families find us. While we do outreach and have some limited advertising, most families hear about us from a friend. If you enjoy the PTLL, tell your friends, relatives, acquaintances...anyone with a baby or young child who might just love it here.