Child in art room, facing away from camera, painting on an easel blue, pink, white shapes
PTLL art room, with easel against wall and shelves of art materials
Child in PTLL art room, at table looking at play-dough, a cutting tool in one hand raised above it

Big Feelings Art Showcase

Submit your child's artwork to the PTLL's Showcase!


Art has always been a fantastic way for children (and adults!) to work through their Big Feelings. And right now, we’ve all got plenty of Big Feelings to process.


So we’re encouraging kids to make art about their feelings and submit it to our showcase. There’s no right or wrong way to do that, no winners or losers, just a chance for your child to get their feelings out and show off what they’ve created.

The showcase is open to children of all ages! We welcome you to submit anything from your infant's finger-painting to your teenager's original song. Multiple submissions are welcome!

Submit your child's work* in any of these ways:


What counts as "art"?

Anything and everything creative! It could be a drawing, a painting, or a sculpture made from play dough or clay. It could be a collage, a poem, a song, a story, a photograph, or a puppet show. It could be anything they dream up and in any medium they want to use to express their feelings.

*Submissions will be shared publicly on our social media, website, and more. You can include your child in images/videos, or not, depending on your own comfort level.