Child in art room, facing away from camera, painting on an easel blue, pink, white shapes
PTLL art room, with easel against wall and shelves of art materials
Child in PTLL art room, at table looking at play-dough, a cutting tool in one hand raised above it

Our Art Room

In this creative space, your young artist can use any of our tools and materials as they design a masterpiece. We've got paints, markers, crayons, glue, tape, stencils, stamps, and so many other supplies. For some fun sensory play, your child can use our homemade play dough.

Art Space Rules

When using the art room, we ask that you follow a few simple rules in order to keep things safe and enjoyable for everyone:

  • Supervise your child closely while they use the art space.

  • Clean up spills! You'll find cleaner and rags above the sink.

  • Put away unused/reusable items in the appropriate bin.

  • Be sure to put play dough back in its container with the lid on.

  • Use palettes or paint cups when painting.

  • Clean up any paint that spills in the easel wells or onto the floor.

  • Help us prevent waste! Supervise your child, only take what you can use, and return unused materials to their bins.

Big Feelings Art Showcase: Art can be a powerful way for children to process their feelings (and adults, too). We know that young children grapple with Big Feelings in the best of times, and we also know that these are not the best of times. We've been encouraging kids of all ages to put their feelings into art and share it via our Big Feelings Art Showcase. Here's some of what these awesome kids have created; learn more and share some of your child's art, too, if you choose!